Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rabbit Hunt, 3: the Pheasant!

Well, literally as I was finishing off that last entry, there was a shot-- a little close to home for my liking.

From the balcony of the bedroom, I heard them yelling for the dog to fetch-- which he did!

I called out, "Who got it?"

Joe Meyer yelled back, "Your husband!"

I couldn't be more proud.

I did manage this time to get a few shots, including of the pheasant where it was left inside so as not to freeze...


Anonymous said...

John and I had a great time Susan. Nice Picture. Love your Blog look - did Steve give any input?

I too love the Sacred Heart Chapel - it is so clean and balanced in line.

Joe Meyer

Susan Sink said...
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Susan Sink said...

Hi Joe! It was fun-- especially the butchering on the kitchen counter while eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate afterward. How many kids get to see the process of how pheasants digest corn up close?

"Blogspot" offers templates for the design of the blog, which I used to set it up and can change occasionally. And I'm happy to say all the photos (except a few snagged from elsewhere on the Internet) are my own!