Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rabbit Hunt, 2

Well, the accomplishment of shooting that one rabbit seems to have brought on hunting fever around here. Last weekend Steve was joined for his one-hour "walk with guns" of the property by Tim Ebel and two of his boys. Steve missed a pheasant, and Tim shot "from the hip" at a rabbit at close range-- the consensus was that it was a good thing he didn't get the rabbit, as it would have been obliterated. After the unsuccessful hunt, they took the boys back out with a smaller gun to shoot at things.

Today, the count is up to three grown men, three boys, and a dog. The new participants, Joe Meyer and his son, actually have proper vests and dayglo wear. Though I don't think it's other hunters we have to worry about, but these guys themselves.

I managed to get out to the mall early. I forgot my coupon, but since I didn't see another person successfully use a coupon (the merchandise they wanted was all excluded), I was happy to just go with the sales. What's more important, my shopping is done. Anything now is just extra. It was certainly not a "joyous" experience. But it was relatively contained. The mall was just starting to hum as I was leaving, and I got a good parking spot which I was able to pass on to another happy shopper.

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