Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Behold the Jimmy Nardello!

The Jimmy Nardello is a sweet pepper that is long and red. It is gorgeous, and I worked hard to grow these suckers-- starting with a heating pad under the little seed trays in the spring after the first set of seeds didn't germinate. Both these and the Ancho Giganticas are not failing me, as the plants are about five feet tall and the flowers are actually bearing fruit! There is really nothing like the shiny, plastic beauty of a pepper on a healthy green plant.

My plants are full, but until two days ago, the peppers just hung there greenly. Then they started to turn. These are the first two, and although they could have ripened further, I just couldn't wait!  My yellow tomatoes have been bearing a lot of fruit as well, and this weekend I'll be making yellow salsa with shallots, yellow tomatoes, tomatillos and these kings of the sweet pepper, the Jimmy Nardellos!!

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