Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter Projects

Here we are, more than halfway through Advent, and I have not much in the way of baking or cooking or even spiritual reflection to offer. This year things are moving hard and fast. I find I still have trouble transitioning to when Steve comes in from outside. When the ground freezes and the landscape season is over, the house that I usually pretty much have to myself most of the year gets retinhabited by Steve. And he comes inside with energy and the house turns upside-down.

Last year, Steve had an idea for a book, and spent the time up through Christmas pretty much reading and thinking. This was easy for me to warm up to. Two years ago, making paintings was the project-- with big canvases being stretched and tarps and lights and photos to be taken-- there was a lot involved.. This year, making furniture is the name of the game. There is welding, and a new set of kitchen stools, preceded by prototypes (one of which collapsed under him at dinner) and with seemingly endless consultation. Then came the slabs of wood, the discovery of new designers and web sites. The few pieces of furniture we have get rearranged, and everything is on the verge of being destroyed/revised. There are elaborate plans for a kitchen remodel to follow.

Let's just say, it was easier when writing books was the project. This is not a contemplative season. The stools are beautiful, and so is the slab of oak that will become our new coffee table. AS for the kitchen, we'll see how I do through the upheaval. It will probably help my diet!

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