Friday, February 19, 2010

Giant Strawberries! And Much, Much More

It's seed ordering time again. I've been getting catalogues, but thanks to my friend Connie, I ordered a bunch of seeds from an organic seed company in Vermont, High Mowing Seeds. The seed catalogues I used last year were very much of the mass production variety, with more flowers than vegetables. The choices were limited and pedestrian and the results just good enough.

Last week I got a catalogue called "Gardener's Choice" which reads like a carnival barker's best schtick. Reading this catalog, it is clear that what people want is BIG food!! And lots of it in a small space! In addition to "over a dozen sugar-sweet slices from one single strawberry," you can grow an amazing strawberry tree, a fruit salad tree with five fruits on one tree, an apple tree with five kinds of apples on it, and my favorite, the plant that yields tomatoes on top and potatoes underground. You can grow chili peppers a foot long , 7 1/2 pound mammoth onions and 100-pound pumpkins. And don't miss the 2-foot ears of corn growing on "skyscraper" plants you need a stepladder to access.

I just have to share the entry for the antonymously named "Little Giant Blueberries," headline:

16,000 blueberries from just one single plant!

That's right! As much as a heaping basketful each day . . . over 20 teeming bowlsful a week!

Its [sic] a non-stop berry festival all season long! You've never seen anything like them in all of nature. . . these super-fruiting "Little Giant" blueberries that weigh themselves down with more berries in a single week than other varieties eke out in the entire season! And not just ordinary, pea-size berries. . . but jumbo harvests of the most delicious, sweetest blueberries ever developed by U.S. plant scientists! Yes, blueberries by the thousands. . . heaping fresh, new pint baskets full in just a single day. . . yours to pick and feast on for less than 5 cents a basketful!

And don't for a minute think that all you get with this new "Little Giant" wonder-variety is a living "blueberry factory." You also get so much more: a magnificent, compact flowering shrub that smothers itself in an avalanche of snow-white blooms each spring. . . berries by the bushel each summer. . . and a firewall of blazing, scarlet foliage right up to frost. Truly an All-American, 3-season, red-white-and-blue wonder plant!

So strong, so hardy, they thrive in sun or shade... so care-free they virtually grow thmselves! But suppplies of "Little Giant" blueberries are still extremely limited. They were only recently discoverd and cultivated by U.S. Plant Scientists, so it will take at least another year for full supplies to be grown at the nurseries. To make sure you do not miss out-- to grow, pick and enjoy blueberries by the thousands-- as much as 16,000 giant, sweet-as-sugar "Little Giant" blueberries from each single plant-- ORDER TODAY! Satisfaction 100% guaranteed or money back in full.

Wow, the work of those U.S. Plant Scientists is truly a wonder! It is hard to resist this tantalizing offer!!

Meanwhile, Gwenael Engelskirchen is the name of the woman keeping me informed of the backordered seeds at High Mowing Seeds. Which makes me think I'll be able to grow really large tomatoes tended to by elves once they arrive...

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