Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I developed a headcold -- as did many people who attended the wedding -- and have been a laid a little low. In addition to making me tired and stuffy for a week, I'm finding that even into the second week I'm having trouble thinking. It's also been gloomy and raining and cold for almost a week straight, and this sudden onset of November weather at the beginning of October has made me feel like hibernating. So although I've been aware of the blog out here wanting some new entry, I just have literally had nothing much to say.

If Mad Men becomes a soap opera and persists on taking up most prominently the issue of sex and the way men of that era wield their power in this arena (even extending to a very ambiguous handling of whether the neighbor's au pair was seduced or coerced by Pete Campbell), they will probably lose me.

Saint John's University won the homecoming game against Bethel in the final seconds with the longest field goal in the school's history; it was made all the more dramatic because the same kicker missed a routine extra point two minutes before the end of the game.

Brett Favre continues to lead the Vikings toward glory.

The garden is pulled up and there is one container of tomatoes left, some peppers and carrots, a half dozen butternut squash, and everything else is in the freezer or canned. Steve plowed up a big area next to the boxes to extend the planting space-- it made me tired to see it, truth be told.

I hope we get a few more warm, dry stretches, because May is a long way away!

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