Sunday, July 5, 2009

5th of July

It was a long, patriotic weekend.... I feel guilty for only working one shift at the Joeburger stand, but it was Friday night 5-8 which is the busiest time. I was on register, though, which seems easy-- since I was assigned to french fries. Afterwards I joined my parents for the conert. We sat too close to the speakers and so, well, I don't need to hear Bobby Vee ever again. But you might not need to sit too close to feel that way about Bobby Vee. The fireworks seemed very ephemeral, and also expensive. I wondered if we were in a recession or not. I think people just won't say, "we're not doing that anymore." I'm not sure why. What I heard was that the concert attendance was higher than ever, but beer sales were down. Not sure how long the parish can do a free concert if people don't buy food and drink. Of course, 10,000 drunks in St. Joseph is not really what the parish is going for.

Saturday we went to hear Garrison Keillor do his 35th anniversary show in Avon, seven miles up the road. It was crowded but well-organized, so not at all difficult to get in. And they were selling rhubarb pie at the Fisher's Club stand. It was hot, but we had very good seats. The show was sort of a last-minute affair, so none of the actors were there. Instad Keillor had politicians reading patriotic poetry, and two local WWII vets telling their oral histories. The Catholic priest was very good on the fly, and the Lutheran pastor must have had stage fright or never have heard the show-- so, Catholics win! It was very local, which was fun, and St. Joseph got several mentions. It was also fun to see how the show worked, the set-ups, the transitions, the notes being passed back and forth, and the ease with which Garrison more or less just talked, sang, and talked some more.

Today we went to Quarry Park and Munsinger and Clemens Gardens in St. Cloud. Local fun walking along the piles of quarry slag and through a nice restored prairie, and then in the formal gardens along the Mississippi River. Finished up with a good barbecue with everyone on the farm. Good until next year!

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