Friday, June 5, 2009

Red Lake (1)

The Sisters are leaving St. Mary's Mission in Red Lake, Minn., a mission to the Ojibwe people, after being there since 1889. I'll have more on this aspect of their story, but right now I'm in Chicago without any reference materials. But I did want to post something. The monastery's newsletter has been posting memories from different Sisters who lived and worked at Red Lake. This one caught my attention:

Some of my best memories of Red Lake center on our community living. We prayed, worked and recreated together. One night an Indian came to sell us a moose he had killed. The moose was huge! All of us worked for hours, cutting and grinding meat and wrapping it for the freezer. By 10 p.m. we were almost finished, in more ways than one! Then another Indian came and gave us a bear he had just killed. Since it was so late and we were all exhausted, we hung the bear in the walk-in cooler; Sister Jane Weber and Brother Julius Beckermann butchered it the next day.

— Elizabeth Theis, OSB

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