Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flood 2

Locally, we have the Sauk River, the Mississippi River, and many lakes. There hasn't been much sandbagging to speak of, nothing like the 10 million sandbags in Fargo/Moorhead, but it's still been dramatic. There's a restaurant nearby, Anton's, that is one of those places that you hear was a speakeasy during prohibition-- perfect for running booze up and down the Sauk River. These days it has a Western theme, log cabin-like interior and exterior, booths that look like covered wagons, and things like that. It's a steak-and-walleye place. And I guess it is built into their business that they flood every few years. These days they're completely underwater, and I heard a rumor the renovation people were supposed to come yesterday-- before eight more inches of wet snow started falling.

Someone sent me a link to a video of my old neighborhood in Cold Spring. I sold my house in Frogtown Park last summer, right before we got married and I moved to the farm. Across the street is a big, beautiful, pretty new park with a pavilion which is where we had the rehearsal dinner. The pavilion and houses seem dry, but this is a lot of water. My house was the fourth in from the park, and this video shows the water coming right up to the end house. At the end it pans the street-- my house is next to the green one.

Click here for a longer video of Sauk River flooding.

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