Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The renovation is (nearly) complete. The space is transformed. Now we need new furniture of course, but that's the fun part. And many decisions must be made about art. That's the reaal conflict Steve and I have in all this. He paints, and would like to design a series of paintings to go around the room and then make them. I have several paintings made by friends of mine that are important to me that would look great in the new space-- but need room, need to stand alone. I defend these paintings as "real art" by serious artists. He would like to make the room. He would like to make the furniture, too, but I think we've moved off that for now. When we get the deck off the living room he can make the furniture for that...
The room still needs its cable & metal banister and the mop boards, and a few finishing touches (nailing down that last step), but I can't believe that after less than two weeks the room is transformed and we're wiping down the dust...

Steve scraping popcorn off the ceiling-- it is unbelievable how good-natured he remained throughout this process and even afterward. And that he didn't suffer even the slightest congestion or cough (I offered several times to get a mask!)

Below is the air compressor we borrowed from our neighbor Maurice Palmersheim. He mounted it on a lawnmower chassis so it could be rolled around more easily. Maurice routinely fixes old mowers and usually has four or five for sale out during the summer.

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