Wednesday, November 26, 2008

President Elect

Today on The News Hour I saw something that kind of shocked me. It was President Elect Barack Obama standing in front of a presidential-looking podium, in front of blue curtains, flanked by American flags, and the podium had a sign that said "Office of the President Elect." Now I know he's been doing this all along-- the Oval Office/White House stage at the convention, and the presidential look of the stage in Grant Park. I know he's been giving press conferences. But I guess I've been getting most of my news lately by radio (or hearsay on the listserv) and this was the first I saw of the press conference set.

I vaguely remember from past elections the footage taken from afar of president elects going in and out of office buildings in Washington, having meetings, but I don't ever remember seeing a current, sitting president LESS and looking more foolish and irrelevant when I did see him, and a president elect standing before a podium with blue curtains in the background and American flags making what seem to be hourly press conferences. It's kind of amazing. It's the closest thing to my actually experiencing and feeling there is indeed an economic crisis going on. And where is, uh, what's her name-- Dana Perino? To tell you the truth, I don't really know what she looks like. I haven't been watching White House press conferences since Tony Snow left.

And has anyone seen Cheney since November 4???

Obama is a really consummate politician, if anyone had any doubt. Is he going to continue to make right steps all the way along? If so, I will be amazed. The News Hour is even having a hard time trying to find people to do point/counterpoint. All the experts seem to agree on all his economic picks, his plans, his choices, etc. There was some lukewarm partisan whining tonight from a general over the Gates pick-- "I thought he said change! This isn't change! He''s making it look like Democrats don't have strong leaders in defense, but we do we do we do! And when are we getting out of this war anyway?! He promised." Hey, guy, simmer down. He hasn't taken office yet. What's wrong with a little show of stability. With admitting Gates has been doing a great job.

And then.... the next story with some more people who love Obama and all the smart and sensible things he's doing.

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